I think it is a question most bloggers will be faced with. come find out why I started one.

I think all bloggers are faced with this question somewhere down the line, so I thought I should share my story and then maybe give you an update a few months later on how I am experiencing blogging.

After four years studying at the School of Architecture of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, I started to work in 2015… after working for a year I realized something… I didn’t like the work as much as I thought I would. Maybe because it was my work situation or I genuinely didn’t like the work as much, I don’t know for certain.

As a designer, many times your creativity is boxed in by what your client want. And this can be quite frustrating as the client don’t always want to listen to your advice or ideas. And your project will certainly always be controlled by the budget. The late Zaha Hadid said: “if you want an easy life, don’t be an architect”. I found this particularly true in the profession. But I think all designers can relate to this, can I hear an ‘amen’ from my fellow designer friends?

In November 2015 I stumbled on to Luzanne’s blog called Pink Peonies. I was so inspired by her beauty blog. She is a South African woman who worked hard to create wonderful content that is insightful and relevant. And a little seed was planted – that maybe I can do it too.

Months went by where I didn’t think about creating a blog. And the times I did think about it, I told myself that I don’t have the time or maybe I am not creative enough to start a blog… so I left it.

Fast forward to June 2016 I got an email from Ultimate Bundles about their Ultimate Homemaking bundle. I looked at the content and instantly knew that the e-books in this bundle were gold. And I love everything that has to do with homemaking. So I bought the bundle on an impulse while it was on sale.

One of the topics covered in the bundle was ‘working at home’. I love the idea of working from home, especially if you have children. The book that I loved the most was Building a Framework from Abby Lawson. She is the founder of the blog Just a Girl and Her Blog. Her book was so inspiring and full of information on how to create a successful blog. Her book gave me the necessary information and steps in creating a blog. Even though her advice was based on American sites and hosting companies, I was certain that I could find South African equivalent companies and sites.

*Relevant information: If you have a blog and want even more resources to help grow your blog,  you can check out this awesome post from EnticeHQ.com. Here they list 109 Blogging Tools to help you grow your blog. They were so kind as to reach out to me and bring it to my attention. I would definitely try some of these tools out too. 

But still, I was not convinced that I can really do it. Self-doubt and criticism played a big role. Will it be successful; will people even bother to read my blog? Do I have enough to say, etc. etc… (I am certain that you know that little devil that is always sitting on your shoulder very well)  So again I left it, but the idea never left my mind.

One Sunday after church I invited a few friends over for coffee and cake. And I discussed the idea with them. Long story short, they encouraged me to do this. Even though no one reads my blog, I should do it for myself. Create it as a hobby and to give a creative outlet to my frustrations.

So my friends gave me the last push to create a blog and put the negative thoughts out of my mind that I am not good enough to do this. I spend a few months researching different hosting companies, domain names and writing a few blog posts. I’ve found that I enjoy writing a lot. I gave myself a deadline to create a blog and Coffee with Nadine early in January 2017, and here you are reading my first blog post.

And by God’s will and grace, may I make a success of it!

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4 Comments on Why I started a blog….

  1. You’re from PE? Luzanne is obviously a very inspiring lady, she was also the reason I started blogging 🙂 Lovely space you have here.

  2. Hi Nadine
    It looks like we find our inspiration from the same people. I am also a SA blogger from Durbs. I’d love to stay in contact

    • Hi Jodi. it is so nice to hear that we have the same interests and draw inspiration from the same people. Will stay in touch for sure!

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