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Calm and Luxurious Master Bedroom Plan

I always dreamed of a beautiful, calm and luxurious master bedroom and now I am actively working toward realizing my dream

I’ve been putting decorating the house on the back burner for quite a while. My main excuse was that I don’t have the money to do it right now. And because I am still paying off my student loan and other consumer debt it feels like I will never be able to do it. The other excuse is that I wasn’t sure what kind of style I am going for.

But a little voice in the back of my mind keeps asking “when will you do it if you don’t do it now?” And I realized that I just need to make the plan and put my head down and work towards realizing my dream bedroom!

How I found my style

The first thing I knew I had to do was to define my particular style. I knew from the beginning that I am always drawn to more feminine/romantic styles of furniture. But I also wanted to explore other styles as well.

And so the research began… I’ve been looking and pinning to my Pinterest boards and stalking blogs that I loved. I’ve done ‘finding my style’ quizzes and I made mental notes when I am in the shops of items that I am drawn to. And now I can confidently say that my style is: Glam Farmhouse with a touch of French Vintage.

So the first thing I know you going to say is: “You’ve got expensive taste girl!” and yes I know… (big sigh)

But I am not going to let it stand in my way. I know that there is more affordable options out there, I just need to find it.

Calm and Luxurious Master Bedroom

Maybe you can tell, but I have a lot of plans for my bedroom. So I made a list (no particular order) for the things I want and need for our bedroom.

  1. Bed – headboard, base, and mattress
  2. Blanket box – extra storage because our storage is a bit limited in our home
  3. Bedside tables
  4. New bedding
  5. Paint
  6. New closets – The room has freestanding wardrobes at the moment. And unfortunately, it is not that efficient. So I am thinking of creating our own custom freestanding wardrobes that will use the space more efficiently.
  7. Curtains I already purchased new curtains a while back. I want to add a blackout lining at a later stage and maybe some sheer curtains to give it a layered look. But this is optional.
  8. New light fixture
  9. Some decor pieces
  10. Rug – I don’t think I will end up purchasing a rug, because our bedroom is not that big and a nice carpet will looked cramped in under the bed.

Next, I put together a mood board to pull everything together. I mostly used the internet to find these pieces, because I am lazy efficient like that! Here is my finished mood board! What do you think?

Inspirational mood board for master bedroom
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bed | bedside table | blanket box | light fixture | rug | golden tray
blush velvet pillow | gold foiled pillow | faux fur pillow

Many of the pieces that I’ve found are quite affordable, except for the bedside tables. Who knew these little pieces of furniture can be soooo expensive! I am still searching for alternative pieces that have the same look and the same finish. I just love th white oak finish. If you know of a place that sells these that are more affordable, please let me know!

I really hope to start implementing this soon, but now I have to look into funding this project! And maybe start making a list of things that needs to happen first.

This is getting me sooo excited. Keep tuned in so that you stay up to date on my progress!

Leave me your particular style or a style that you love in the comment section below. I would also love any additional suggestions or maybe questions that you might have!

Until next time – keep it classy!

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Honeymoon in Thailand, Phuket

Honeymoon in Thailand, Phuket here we come. #Phuket #Thailand #honeymoon #destinationhoneymoon #packing #researchWe’re going on a destination honeymoon in a month!! (Yes I know it is late, but to me, it still counts!) And the destination we are heading to… Phuket for 7 days!!! I can hardly believe it!

It will be the first overseas trip for both Wiehann and me, and to say that we are over the moon of excitement is an understatement! (You can tell by all of the exclamation marks right?)

The first question that comes to mind is: “Why didn’t you go right after the wedding?” My answer is simple. We only had enough money to pay for the trip in advance and didn’t have enough left for spending money. The wedding totally wiped out our funds. So we both decided to go a bit later.

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The other benefit to me for going on honeymoon later is that we are both rested and will enjoy the trip more. Let me explain: after the wedding, we totally felt exhausted!

The week leading up to the wedding was stressful. (And on some of the photos you can see the fever blister on my nose to prove it!) Everything was under control and I didn’t really have a reason to stress, but I think it came with the territory.  The few days after the wedding we were both recovering and resting. But now we are totally rested and we will enjoy our honeymoon to its fullest!

So the last few weeks, I’ve been researching everything related to Phuket as a honeymoon destination. We are going in August, which is the rainy season, but according to my research, it is still warm and humid and doesn’t rain all day. So fingers crossed we will have some pleasant weather!

The thing that I research the most is “what to pack for Phuket”. Apparently, you need a lot of mosquito-repellent and obviously a lot of sun-screen (Phuket is close to the equator). I don’t know what it is, but mosquitos just love me. I will be in the middle of a crowd and that darn mosquito will find me and leave everyone else alone, yes I am that person! So I will stock up on Peaceful Sleep and Tabard to be safe.

Bucket List for Phuket:

I know we are only there for 7 days, so hoping that the weather plays along so that we can do all of most of these items on the list.

Other things that you might want to know about the honeymoon:

We are staying at Sunset Beach Resort, a resort is a must for a honeymoon right?

We used Flight Centre, a travel agency, to book our trip. Like I said, this is our first overseas trip, and we wanted all the help that we can get.

I will be doing a follow-up post about our packing and organizing of our luggage when we have everything together. I already have a list of to-buys and to-dos. So watch this space

Is there any packing tips that you have for our first international flight. Or have you been to Phuket? I would love to know your thoughts.

As always,

Keep it classy!


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Wedding – Update on our Journey

Wedding journey | free budget worksheets!


Hi there friend, it is about time that I update you on the wedding planning progress. Well, it doesn’t really feel like there is much progress at all at this point, but there is some.

Let me quickly vent about how ridiculously expensive everything is!!! I knew that planning a wedding would be expensive, but not this expensive!! I just hope our budget will cover everything at the end. (Maybe I should do a post about how much everything cost us when the wedding is over. Mmmm…)

The previous post was about our color theme; if you want to catch up on that you can read about it here.

Here are the things that we booked so far:

The church and the pastor;

The venue; and

The photographer;

I went to see two florists. Man, I was shocked about how much it cost for the flowers alone. I wanted to have those rectangular wooden boxes filled with flowers and greenery, more greenery than flowers, but still, I wanted it to feel luxurious. But the price changed my mind. So, I am changing my ideas again to fit the budget, a very tight budget might I add. The conclusion I came to about the flowers was this: bigger vase = more flowers = more money. Eish… so smaller arrangements it is!

Our photographer is very affordable and we worked with her before and we were really pleased with the way the photos came out. I also looked at her portfolio for weddings that she photographed before and the photos were stunning!

We booked the Queens Hotel’s restaurant, The Colony, as our venue. The restaurant had a renovation in the past month, and the end result was disappointing to me. They exchanged the warm traditional look for a cool modern one. In my opinion, they kind of ruined the feel of what the hotel is known for. The new colors are tones of grey, which messes with my color scheme! They also changed out the wooden chairs for grey upholstered chairs. When I saw the new chairs I immediately asked if they still have the old ones, luckily, they still do. And they agreed that we can use the old chairs for the wedding. Phew, one thing that makes it a bit better.

You might ask why I do not want to change the venue as the wedding date is still a long way off.  The answer is simple. The budget. They charge us nothing to rent the restaurant for the wedding, we just pay for the food and the champagne. That is a big win in my book! I think that you will not really notice if the wedding color scheme clashes with the rest of the restaurant when the lights are dimmed and the tables are beautifully decorated! And guests don’t really remember the color scheme and the decorations a few months later.

We will be spending our first night as husband and wife in the hotel as well. Which is great, because then we don’t have to go anywhere when we are tired from all the dancing! I plan to close the place down with dancing! The hotel gave us a nice discount on our stay and also a bit of a discount for our guests.

Everyone tells you that planning a wedding is stressful, but you don’t know how stressful until you are planning one. I think the most stressful thing about planning the wedding is fitting everything that you will need within the budget and still get everything you’ve dreamed off.

The past two months of actively wedding planning I learned that you have to be flexible. You probably won’t find everything you see on Pinterest, and you have to be okay with that. You will have to be creative and find ways to make your dream wedding a reality.

I think because I mentioned the budget so much, it is only fitting for me to give you a free printable that is wedding budget-related.😊 What do you think?

Wedding budget planner |  Trou begroting Werkkaart

(PS – if you find a grammar or spelling mistake in the printable, please let me know and I will fix it, I didn’t really excel in language subjects in school!)

Till our next coffee


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