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Hi there! Do you have a cup of coffee so we can have a little heart to heart about this thing called blogging? Okay, you ready? I have been blogging for on and off about 4 months now, and I must say, I am a bit disappointed in myself. Don’t get me wrong, I actually really enjoy the whole process. Writing the content, finding photos (that’s free) that will go with the blog posts and put it all together. I’ve found it immensely boost my creativity in writing, and when I hit that publish button I feel a sense of accomplishment.

“Why are you disappointed in yourself Nadine, if you actually like blogging?” well let me fill you in:

Firstly, because I don’t spend near as much time on blogging as I want to. My time is limited, because of my full-time job and after work, I sometimes just don’t feel like doing anything. Weekends are filled with other social obligations or I am not in the mood.  Ultimately, I need to come up with a plan to spend more time on the blog.

Secondly, I don’t have the finances, or circumstances prohibit me, to do some of the projects that I want to blog about. I want to get some home organizing and decor things on the blog as well. These topics also lie close to my heart. Like I explained in this blog post, I live with my mom. 

Thirdly, I feel a bit limited by my blog’s overall look and lack of knowledge of the technical things of running a good blog. Let me elaborate; I have a free theme and even though I liked it, in the beginning, I feel that it falls short of what I want to achieve and let my readers feel when they visit the blog. At the moment, it is missing something.

And lastly, I am such a perfectionist and thus plans more than doing = procrastination. I want to do things perfectly from the beginning and I forget that I am a beginner and that I cannot compare my skills to someone who has been blogging for a longer than I have.

So now that the pity party is over, I will tell you what I plan on doing to improve my overall blogging skills.


  1. I will set aside time for blogging. ‘Quality over Quantity’ is key here, so I will strive to put out posts that I feel are worth it and not just posting for the sake of posting.
  2. I want to write posts about things that is going on in my life and that might help other women.
  3. Even though I cannot afford a premium theme, I am already busy on thinking how to rebrand my blog and give it a proper color palate, so that everything will feel more cohesive. And when I have money to buy a premium theme, everything will just fall into place.
  4. Somewhere on my laptop, I have a great ebook from Abby Lawson about setting up your blog. The book is gathering virtual dust, so it is time to dust it off and go through it again. I want to implement some of her advice so that the blog runs more efficiently.

I explained why I started a blog in this blog post

Let me know what you do to run your blog more efficiently.

Till our next coffee

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3 Comments on My progress at a thing called blogging

  1. Oh my gosh Nadine…you’ve said so many things that resonate with me. I’m also loving blogging incredibly but a full time job and being a new mum does limit your time. There is so much to learn, a lovely wealth of information out there…but time! I also lack the technical savvy and reply on the templates, it isn’t easy when what you have in mind and what the template allows differ. In saying all of this, I am learning so much and that is amazing! Also am “meeting” bloggers that are serving as such an inspiration. I find everyone very helpful. I wish you all the best in this journey 🙂

    • Aahhwww, thank you so much. Congratulations on being a new mom! I can just imagine how limited your time are now with your bundle of joy added to your life.
      I agree with you, there is so much information out there that one kind of feels overwhelmed! I also hope to make new connections with fellow bloggers to help me on my journey! Thank you for reading my post! Have a lovely day!

  2. Admitting the problem is part of the solution 🙂 Nadine, the best thing to do is work with what you have- I know it sucks when you have little, I’m in the same position. Also it is a good idea to blog on a specific day, then you schedule the posts. Good luck

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