Get to know me a bit better in this blog post of 14 things that you didn't know about me and 14 things that I've learned in this past 28 years

This year I am turning 28, which is crazy to me. It feels like I’ve only started high school yesterday and now I am already done with school for 8 years already.

Like most bloggers, I thought I would write about what I’ve learned in this past 28 years but with a twist. I am going to write 14 things that u might not know about me and 14 things that I’ve learned in this past 28 years. Which is going to be challenging for me to say the least because I already covered most things on my ‘about me’ page.

Let’s start with the 14 things I’ve learned this past 28 years.

  1. First and foremost the biggest lesson that I’ve learned this past 28 years, is that not everything is going to go as you’ve planned it and you cannot control everything. And that’s okay.
  2. I am still trying to figure everything out, who I am and who I want to be, I guess this will change as the season in my life changes. For now, I am a work from home girl, married to my best friend.
  3. Everything has a time and a place. It may not be my time but it is sure God’s time.
  4. Learn from your own mistakes and those from others. Sometimes it is so valuable to listen to other’s stories and learn from it.
  5. When you cannot figure out a difficult task or situation, get up take a deep breath and make some coffee. Then go back to it – coffee really change your perspective
  6. Your mother really knows best!
  7. The experts are totally right, exercise really does put you in a better mood
  8. Do it now, even if you don’t feel like it – you will thank yourself later.
  9. You cannot expect anything from anyone, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and resentment.
  10. Do you want to be right or do you want the relationship?
  11. Sometimes things are really simple – don’t overcomplicate it.
  12. You are worthy and there is nothing wrong in taking care of yourself first before taking care of others – I am still struggling with this.
  13. Make the time to do those things you want to do, otherwise, you will never get the chance or time.
  14. Asking (or hiring) for help will make your life so much easier. Don’t try to do ‘all the things’!

Wow, when I started going with this, it was much easier than I thought! Okay next…

Get to know me a bit better in this blog post of 14 things that you didn't know about me and 14 things that I've learned in this past 28 years

14 things you don’t know about me

  1. I really love computer games. I played The Sims from the beginning up until now that I am playing The Sims 4. Assassins Creed is also a game I love. I play it once in a while on my husband’s Play Station, and I just started playing Fortnite… Can you believe it
  2. My dream car must be a BMW. Even though I am driving a Hyundai Getz at the moment that I totally love, I will someday, when I grow up, buy my BMW.
  3. If I have to choose only one beauty product that I can use for the rest of my life it will have to be a foundation.
  4. This is something that I just recently learned of myself too, I actually enjoy a bit of exercise. I’ve started to do home workouts on an app on my phone every morning, and I am totally excited to do it.
  5. I enjoy sewing and I recently made my own roman blind for the kitchen.
  6. I wouldn’t call myself a neat freak, but I am definitely a tidy person. My immediate surroundings do affect my mood if it is not all that tidy.
  7. Even though I have a B.Tech degree in Architectural Technology, I’ve found myself really more drawn to interiors. I am really considering taking a course in interior design.
  8. I am constantly trying to find ways to make my day to day life easier and do things with the least amount of effort. Some people will call it lazy, I call it efficient. Nobody’s got time to stand around washing dishes all day! #dishwasher #lifesaver
  9. I love to entertain friends and family at our home.
  10. If I can brag a little, I am a totally awesome gift giver! I love listening to people and making little mental notes of things they would like to get. But I must admit, there are a few persons in my life that I struggle to buy presents for!
  11. I am such a procrastinator! But it comes in two categories: 1) I get stuck in planning mode and never move forward. 2) I just keep putting something off that I should be doing. But then when I finished it I realized point #8 on the things that I’ve learned list!
  12. I am a dreamer, but I grew up a little. I must admit when I was younger, I was living life more in my head than in real life sometimes. But life happens and I grew up a little, and maybe I became a bit pessimistic. But lately, I am choosing to see the positive.
  13. I am such a type-C person – I analyze everything and everyone, I am a true introvert, and I am so task oriented!
  14. I love the mountains more than I love the ocean. Don’t get me wrong, the ocean is beautiful and there is something about an awesome ocean holiday. But sometimes the crashing of the waves makes me more anxious than calm. So if I could sit in the forest near a mountain with a lovely stream and a few chirping birds I would be in my element!

Phew!!! That was a mouthful! If you stayed to the end you deserve a good cup of coffee!! Thanks for reading to the end and getting to know me a bit more.

Leave me a comment of what you’ve learned in your ‘x’ amount of years here on earth! Would love to read it.

Till next time – Keep it classy!

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