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Latest YouTube Obsessions

I’ve been totally obsessed with organizing and cleaning videos on YouTube lately. And I thought I would share some new and well-loved channels that gave me so many ideas and some motivation!

Brittnay Vasseur

Brittany Vasseur's YouTube channel
Picture Credit: Screenshot of Brittany’s channel

I’ve been following Brittany for over a year now. I love her videos because it is short and to the point, which I totally love. She specializes in organization, cleaning and a bit of lifestyle. I should also mention that she has the cutest son that makes his appearance in many of her videos.

She also recently started her own essential oil company called Vasseur Essentials.

At Home with Nikki

At Home with Nikki YouTube Channel
Picture Credit: Screenshot of Nikki’s channel

This lady is all about the aesthetics in your home! Her whole house is a dream and she shares how she keeps everything organized and you better believe it that everything comes in coordinating colors!

She is also a successful business-woman and her first book will be released in April 2019!

Some of my favorite videos of her are handbag organization videos. Such inspiring work. She also has two other channels: At Work with Nikki and At Home with Bently and Albert (which is her pets).

Alexandra Beuter

Alexandra Beuter Youtube Channel
Picture Credit: Screenshot of Alexandra’s channel

This girl is absolutely gorgeous and so is her home! Her channel is mostly related to lifestyle, but she also does cleaning videos and organizing.

She and her husband also shared the renovations that they done inside their home, which is straight up my alley! What I like about her videos is that it is not too long and easy to follow!

Live Your Style

Live your style YouTube channel
Picture Credit: Screenshot of Sharrah’s channel

Sharrah Stevens’s channel, Live Your Style is a home decorating and home organization channel. She helps you find your style. And when you know what your style is (mine is definitely glam farmhouse) she gives helpful tips on how to shop for your style.

She also made a few videos on how to decorate on a budget and she had great videos over Christmas. Definitely check her channel out!

Kate Murnane

Kate Murnane YouTube channel
Picture Credit: Screenshot of Kate’s channel

Kate has a lifestyle channel. But I love her because she shares her home with you. She also shares how they renovated some of the rooms in the house and it is a bonus that I love her decorating style!

Jordan Page

Jordan Page YouTube channel
Picture Credit: Screenshot of Jordan’s channel

Jordan is a self-proclaimed frugal guru and she shares all her tips and tricks to living on a budget. Oh, I should mention that she is a mom of six (yes, 6!) kids! She is a real superwoman! Thus she also shares her routines and hacks for getting stuff done!

I know her channel does not really fit into the rest of the ones I mentioned, but I love Jordan’s humor! She brings so much character to her channel! She also has a blog called Fun Cheap or Free where she shares even more information!

So there it is, my latest YouTube channel obsessions! I would love it if you share some of your favorite YouTube channels in the comment section so that I can have even more motivational content to look at!

If you want to look at my previous post on some of my other favorite YouTube channels, you can check it out here!

Until next time – Keep it Classy!

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Organizing a Dining Room Server

After we moved a cupboard out of our dining room with all of my special cutlery and crockery, I knew it was time to turn the TV-unit into our dining room server.

finally organized the server like I wanted to #diningroom #server #organized #organize #sideboard

Hubby made a beautiful dining table just before Christmas, but there was one problem with it. It was so much larger than the one we had been using! But to me it was a nice problem to have. So with much consideration and measuring, we found a different space for the large cupboard.

Unfortunately, this large cupboard housed all of my nice crockery, cutlery and some odds and ends that had no place. Luckily there is still a sideboard/server that was close to the dining room that we used as a TV-unit. This TV-unit also housed a lot of random stuff, but I knew it will be great for my special occasion dining room things.

The server before I started to organize it
#diningroom #server #organized #organize #sideboard

I got organizing…

So I got to work and brought all of the inventory that I wanted to store inside the server to the living room. After everything was in the living room I categorized it into different categories.

Brought all of the inventory of the other cupboard to the living area so that I can organize it 
#diningroom #server #organized #organize #sideboard

While I was categorizing, I through away things that I was no longer using. This mostly was packaging holders that I was still holding on to, but this took up unnecessary space!

Next, I cleared the drawers and wiped it off with a damp cloth. After cleaning, I organized them. I don’t have nice organizing bins or cutlery holders, but I used what I have. And I think it turned out just fine. One drawer even fitted all of the cutlery!

After the drawers, I cleared everything from the bottom part of the sideboard and wiped off the shelves with a damp cloth. While I was putting the crockery into the bottom part of the sideboard, I realized that I have more space than I thought. And this sparked an idea. My kitchen cupboards are also quite full of wine glasses and other special occasion glassware. So you can probably guess what came next?

I went to the kitchen and took out all the glassware that I wanted to move. Some of the glasses we haven’t even used yet and they were so dull. So I gave them a quick wash.

All of my special occasion crockery found a place in the server!
#diningroom #server #organized #organize #sideboard
All of my special occasion crockery found a place in the server!
#diningroom #server #organized #organize #sideboard

There weren’t enough drawers for my tablecloths, so I found a basket that I didn’t have a use for and used it for the tablecloths. And I loved it!

The dishtowels found a place under the kitchen sink where I’ve been using it regularly. I love that It is now so close to the sink and not in the next room.

Tips to organize a space

I thought that I would include some tips on how I normally go about to organize a space.

  1. Take everything out of the space (or cupboard or drawer) and clean it out! You will feel so much better after!
  2. Organize your things into categories.
  3. Purge everything you don’t need or use!
  4. Start organizing and put everything into its place!

If you have more ideas and tips or tricks on how you organize your space please let me know. I would love to learn from you as well! I will be doing more organizing projects in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!

Until next time – Keep it Classy!!

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Honeymoon in Thailand, Phuket

Honeymoon in Thailand, Phuket here we come. #Phuket #Thailand #honeymoon #destinationhoneymoon #packing #researchWe’re going on a destination honeymoon in a month!! (Yes I know it is late, but to me, it still counts!) And the destination we are heading to… Phuket for 7 days!!! I can hardly believe it!

It will be the first overseas trip for both Wiehann and me, and to say that we are over the moon of excitement is an understatement! (You can tell by all of the exclamation marks right?)

The first question that comes to mind is: “Why didn’t you go right after the wedding?” My answer is simple. We only had enough money to pay for the trip in advance and didn’t have enough left for spending money. The wedding totally wiped out our funds. So we both decided to go a bit later.

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The other benefit to me for going on honeymoon later is that we are both rested and will enjoy the trip more. Let me explain: after the wedding, we totally felt exhausted!

The week leading up to the wedding was stressful. (And on some of the photos you can see the fever blister on my nose to prove it!) Everything was under control and I didn’t really have a reason to stress, but I think it came with the territory.  The few days after the wedding we were both recovering and resting. But now we are totally rested and we will enjoy our honeymoon to its fullest!

So the last few weeks, I’ve been researching everything related to Phuket as a honeymoon destination. We are going in August, which is the rainy season, but according to my research, it is still warm and humid and doesn’t rain all day. So fingers crossed we will have some pleasant weather!

The thing that I research the most is “what to pack for Phuket”. Apparently, you need a lot of mosquito-repellent and obviously a lot of sun-screen (Phuket is close to the equator). I don’t know what it is, but mosquitos just love me. I will be in the middle of a crowd and that darn mosquito will find me and leave everyone else alone, yes I am that person! So I will stock up on Peaceful Sleep and Tabard to be safe.

Bucket List for Phuket:

I know we are only there for 7 days, so hoping that the weather plays along so that we can do all of most of these items on the list.

Other things that you might want to know about the honeymoon:

We are staying at Sunset Beach Resort, a resort is a must for a honeymoon right?

We used Flight Centre, a travel agency, to book our trip. Like I said, this is our first overseas trip, and we wanted all the help that we can get.

I will be doing a follow-up post about our packing and organizing of our luggage when we have everything together. I already have a list of to-buys and to-dos. So watch this space

Is there any packing tips that you have for our first international flight. Or have you been to Phuket? I would love to know your thoughts.

As always,

Keep it classy!


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