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Be kind and graceful. No negative criticism will be allowed on the blog. As women, we need to stick together and encourage one another. The world wants to tear us down from all directions, and there is no place for that here. I hope to create a positive place here on the blog, so if you want to disagree, please do so in a respectful manner, or keep your ugly words to yourself. Any rude comments or advertising will be deleted.

 Disclosure Policy

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me, Nadine Barnard, and I promise to:

  • I will only choose to promote products/services/businesses that I have used and that I feel will benefit my readers.
  • Products provided to me for a review are given free of charge with no cost to myself. This does not ensure a positive review of the product.
  • If I were to receive compensation for a review of a product or a service I will disclose it in the blog post.
  • My number one priority is to provide my readers with the truthful information and treat everyone equally and with grace, and I would never compromise the truth just to make a few Rands. Ever.
  • Images used on this blog are 100% my own or are stock photography that I purchased or obtained from subscription services and therefore I do not have to disclose where I obtained the image from. If, however, I use an image from another blog or website, I will obtain written permission to use the image and I will give credit to the photographer.

This policy was last updated 24 May 2017


I really appreciate it when you share some of my content! But, please keep in mind that all information and images stays the property of You may use one or two photos provided that you link back to the original blog post. Please do not crop, edit images or remove watermarks without my consent. All free printables offered on the blog are for personal use only.

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