Hi there, I am so happy that you came over to my little corner on the internet to meet me. 

As you can see by the title of my blog – I love coffee! Nothing beats a good cup of coffee while reading a good book. Or reading a blog post about renovating a room in the house, makeup or organizing. How do I take my coffee: Black with one sugar, please…

I am a Professional Senior Architectural Technologist by profession and love all things feminine, pretty and romantic.

In 2015 I received my B.tech degree from NMMU. Architecture School taught me so much over the course of four years.

I am a list maker and I love planning everything in my life. I love baking and entertaining friends and family, it is part of my love-language to serve!

My weaknesses are chocolate, makeup, handbags, online browsing, beautiful stationery, coffee and getting a good bargain! Not in any particular order

I married my high school sweetheart on May 5th, 2018. We started dating in May 2008, so almost to the day, it was 10years in before we got married! What a journey and I am looking forward to the rest of our new journey together!

Hattingh Wedding, the best day of our life! Walking into the sunset!

High waist ankle grazer jeans are a must for me! They keep my love handles in place, and because I am short they serve as full-length pants.

I cannot really decide what my favorite colour is because I am drawn to most of the colours. But my closet contains definitely more dark colours, like navy than pastel and light colours. But I do love a beautiful blush colour!

Here on my blog, you will find some topics that are close to my heart. I didn’t want to focus on one topic here on my blog. Because as a woman I cannot talk about just one topic over a cup of coffee!  My dream is to create a positive space for you to visit and share a cup of coffee with me. O, and don’t forget the cake!!!

I’ve recently written a new post to introduce myself even more to you! Read about it here!

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I hope you stick around and explore my blog a bit more.

Remember to stay classy!

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