How I learned to love myself through exercise

I was never big on exercise – because frankly, I didn’t like it! But that has changed after I joined the Tone It Up community and learned how to love myself through exercise!

How I learned to love myself through exercise
#selflove #exercise #healthy #loveyourself #journey

I never played a sport when I was in school. I joined a dancing class that was in town and that I really enjoyed. But after a while, they closed down and I never picked up a sport again. I always had the excuse that my school work was more important because I actually enjoyed school for the most part.

But in university in my last year, I actually started having hives from stress and I knew I had to do something. So I downloaded light yoga and aerobic exercises from YouTube to do in my very small flat. And it worked a bit to release some tension.

Fast forward to adulthood I again slacked on the exercise department, until my sister forwarded me a link to the Tone it Up website and their free workouts on YouTube and I was hooked!

I loved the short exercises and the motivation that they brought to the workout. I downloaded a few of the workouts at a coffee shop to do at home because I didn’t have internet at home at the time.

Last year, in May, I joined their Studio Tone it Up App. (The app is available on Android and Apple) And so far I loved it. Because I have uncapped internet at home, it makes it easy to follow the workouts.

Studio Tone it up app
Image credit: Screen Shot from the Studio Tone It Up website

So to be clear I don’t have the results that are shown on their website, because I don’t follow their guidelines to a T. But they have thought me a lot this past year.

Things I’ve learned from exercise – And How it Turned to Self-love

  1. I am surprised how much I am capable off
  2. Not every day will be a good day, but If your workout is not good today, it will definitely be better tomorrow!
  3. Your body doesn’t feel the same each day. Even if you do the same workout routine/video, your body will react differently week to week, day to day. And that is okay – just keep going.
  4. Every day is progress even if it doesn’t feel that way
  5. Results will not happen in 2 weeks, but rather 4 to 8 weeks – be patient
  6. I really do feel better after a workout! And the day I didn’t work out I feel sluggish
  7. Making the time to workout and showing up really feels great!
  8. Exercise is a form of self-care.
  9. My mood and outlook on life have changed to a more positive one, and I hope to convey it to those around me.

5 things that the Tone it Up community taught me

  1. Give yourself grace. You are doing the best you can.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people with a great outlook on life. Then you also become more positive.
  3. When women support each other, great things happen.
  4. When you show up for a workout, you show up for yourself
  5. Living your life and having that chocolate will not be the end of the world. Live your life – it is a journey, not a race.

The TIU community of women are so inspiring and lately, they have been absolutely killing it on their YouTube channel. You can check out their latest Wine not Wednesdays videos here where they had some of their best content to date, in my opinion.

I would love to buy their nutrition plan, but that hasn’t been in the budget yet. But maybe at the end of this year!

How I schedule my workouts

Because we are not on the same time zone as the US, and I like to workout in the morning, I cannot really use the scheduling feature in the app. I did last winter when I worked out late afternoon and the reminder the app gives you really keeps you accountable.

Every Sunday I receive the weekly workout schedule by email and then I just write it in my weekly planner. If I forgot to do it, I look up the workout in the morning that they recommend for the day and then I find it in the ‘on demand’ section in the app. Easy peasy.

Workout Schedule for the week send straight to my inbox
Screen shot from the email that I receive

The workouts vary in length and they are constantly uploading new workouts. So you never get bored! Today, I completed my ‘Ultimate Morning HIIT’ workout and I worked up quite a sweat!

The app is subscription based, but in my opinion, it is really affordable. It is my ‘gym membership’ every month. And it is convenient, because I don’t have to drive anywhere and I don’t care how I look when I workout, because no one sees me.

Since joining the app, I’ve been looking forward to working out every day. And I really hope to continue working out with the TIU girls for a long time!

Please note! this is not a sponsored post! I just love the community and wanted to share it!

Until next time – Keep it Classy!

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Calm and Luxurious Master Bedroom Plan

I always dreamed of a beautiful, calm and luxurious master bedroom and now I am actively working toward realizing my dream

I’ve been putting decorating the house on the back burner for quite a while. My main excuse was that I don’t have the money to do it right now. And because I am still paying off my student loan and other consumer debt it feels like I will never be able to do it. The other excuse is that I wasn’t sure what kind of style I am going for.

But a little voice in the back of my mind keeps asking “when will you do it if you don’t do it now?” And I realized that I just need to make the plan and put my head down and work towards realizing my dream bedroom!

How I found my style

The first thing I knew I had to do was to define my particular style. I knew from the beginning that I am always drawn to more feminine/romantic styles of furniture. But I also wanted to explore other styles as well.

And so the research began… I’ve been looking and pinning to my Pinterest boards and stalking blogs that I loved. I’ve done ‘finding my style’ quizzes and I made mental notes when I am in the shops of items that I am drawn to. And now I can confidently say that my style is: Glam Farmhouse with a touch of French Vintage.

So the first thing I know you going to say is: “You’ve got expensive taste girl!” and yes I know… (big sigh)

But I am not going to let it stand in my way. I know that there is more affordable options out there, I just need to find it.

Calm and Luxurious Master Bedroom

Maybe you can tell, but I have a lot of plans for my bedroom. So I made a list (no particular order) for the things I want and need for our bedroom.

  1. Bed – headboard, base, and mattress
  2. Blanket box – extra storage because our storage is a bit limited in our home
  3. Bedside tables
  4. New bedding
  5. Paint
  6. New closets – The room has freestanding wardrobes at the moment. And unfortunately, it is not that efficient. So I am thinking of creating our own custom freestanding wardrobes that will use the space more efficiently.
  7. Curtains I already purchased new curtains a while back. I want to add a blackout lining at a later stage and maybe some sheer curtains to give it a layered look. But this is optional.
  8. New light fixture
  9. Some decor pieces
  10. Rug – I don’t think I will end up purchasing a rug, because our bedroom is not that big and a nice carpet will looked cramped in under the bed.

Next, I put together a mood board to pull everything together. I mostly used the internet to find these pieces, because I am lazy efficient like that! Here is my finished mood board! What do you think?

Inspirational mood board for master bedroom
#calm #luxurious #inspiration #masterbedroom #bed #upholsterheadboard #headboard #bedroomdecor #redobedroom #homeimprovement #velvet #glamorous

bed | bedside table | blanket box | light fixture | rug | golden tray
blush velvet pillow | gold foiled pillow | faux fur pillow

Many of the pieces that I’ve found are quite affordable, except for the bedside tables. Who knew these little pieces of furniture can be soooo expensive! I am still searching for alternative pieces that have the same look and the same finish. I just love th white oak finish. If you know of a place that sells these that are more affordable, please let me know!

I really hope to start implementing this soon, but now I have to look into funding this project! And maybe start making a list of things that needs to happen first.

This is getting me sooo excited. Keep tuned in so that you stay up to date on my progress!

Leave me your particular style or a style that you love in the comment section below. I would also love any additional suggestions or maybe questions that you might have!

Until next time – keep it classy!

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Latest YouTube Obsessions

I’ve been totally obsessed with organizing and cleaning videos on YouTube lately. And I thought I would share some new and well-loved channels that gave me so many ideas and some motivation!

Brittnay Vasseur

Brittany Vasseur's YouTube channel
Picture Credit: Screenshot of Brittany’s channel

I’ve been following Brittany for over a year now. I love her videos because it is short and to the point, which I totally love. She specializes in organization, cleaning and a bit of lifestyle. I should also mention that she has the cutest son that makes his appearance in many of her videos.

She also recently started her own essential oil company called Vasseur Essentials.

At Home with Nikki

At Home with Nikki YouTube Channel
Picture Credit: Screenshot of Nikki’s channel

This lady is all about the aesthetics in your home! Her whole house is a dream and she shares how she keeps everything organized and you better believe it that everything comes in coordinating colors!

She is also a successful business-woman and her first book will be released in April 2019!

Some of my favorite videos of her are handbag organization videos. Such inspiring work. She also has two other channels: At Work with Nikki and At Home with Bently and Albert (which is her pets).

Alexandra Beuter

Alexandra Beuter Youtube Channel
Picture Credit: Screenshot of Alexandra’s channel

This girl is absolutely gorgeous and so is her home! Her channel is mostly related to lifestyle, but she also does cleaning videos and organizing.

She and her husband also shared the renovations that they done inside their home, which is straight up my alley! What I like about her videos is that it is not too long and easy to follow!

Live Your Style

Live your style YouTube channel
Picture Credit: Screenshot of Sharrah’s channel

Sharrah Stevens’s channel, Live Your Style is a home decorating and home organization channel. She helps you find your style. And when you know what your style is (mine is definitely glam farmhouse) she gives helpful tips on how to shop for your style.

She also made a few videos on how to decorate on a budget and she had great videos over Christmas. Definitely check her channel out!

Kate Murnane

Kate Murnane YouTube channel
Picture Credit: Screenshot of Kate’s channel

Kate has a lifestyle channel. But I love her because she shares her home with you. She also shares how they renovated some of the rooms in the house and it is a bonus that I love her decorating style!

Jordan Page

Jordan Page YouTube channel
Picture Credit: Screenshot of Jordan’s channel

Jordan is a self-proclaimed frugal guru and she shares all her tips and tricks to living on a budget. Oh, I should mention that she is a mom of six (yes, 6!) kids! She is a real superwoman! Thus she also shares her routines and hacks for getting stuff done!

I know her channel does not really fit into the rest of the ones I mentioned, but I love Jordan’s humor! She brings so much character to her channel! She also has a blog called Fun Cheap or Free where she shares even more information!

So there it is, my latest YouTube channel obsessions! I would love it if you share some of your favorite YouTube channels in the comment section so that I can have even more motivational content to look at!

If you want to look at my previous post on some of my other favorite YouTube channels, you can check it out here!

Until next time – Keep it Classy!

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Organizing a Dining Room Server

After we moved a cupboard out of our dining room with all of my special cutlery and crockery, I knew it was time to turn the TV-unit into our dining room server.

finally organized the server like I wanted to #diningroom #server #organized #organize #sideboard

Hubby made a beautiful dining table just before Christmas, but there was one problem with it. It was so much larger than the one we had been using! But to me it was a nice problem to have. So with much consideration and measuring, we found a different space for the large cupboard.

Unfortunately, this large cupboard housed all of my nice crockery, cutlery and some odds and ends that had no place. Luckily there is still a sideboard/server that was close to the dining room that we used as a TV-unit. This TV-unit also housed a lot of random stuff, but I knew it will be great for my special occasion dining room things.

The server before I started to organize it
#diningroom #server #organized #organize #sideboard

I got organizing…

So I got to work and brought all of the inventory that I wanted to store inside the server to the living room. After everything was in the living room I categorized it into different categories.

Brought all of the inventory of the other cupboard to the living area so that I can organize it 
#diningroom #server #organized #organize #sideboard

While I was categorizing, I through away things that I was no longer using. This mostly was packaging holders that I was still holding on to, but this took up unnecessary space!

Next, I cleared the drawers and wiped it off with a damp cloth. After cleaning, I organized them. I don’t have nice organizing bins or cutlery holders, but I used what I have. And I think it turned out just fine. One drawer even fitted all of the cutlery!

After the drawers, I cleared everything from the bottom part of the sideboard and wiped off the shelves with a damp cloth. While I was putting the crockery into the bottom part of the sideboard, I realized that I have more space than I thought. And this sparked an idea. My kitchen cupboards are also quite full of wine glasses and other special occasion glassware. So you can probably guess what came next?

I went to the kitchen and took out all the glassware that I wanted to move. Some of the glasses we haven’t even used yet and they were so dull. So I gave them a quick wash.

All of my special occasion crockery found a place in the server!
#diningroom #server #organized #organize #sideboard
All of my special occasion crockery found a place in the server!
#diningroom #server #organized #organize #sideboard

There weren’t enough drawers for my tablecloths, so I found a basket that I didn’t have a use for and used it for the tablecloths. And I loved it!

The dishtowels found a place under the kitchen sink where I’ve been using it regularly. I love that It is now so close to the sink and not in the next room.

Tips to organize a space

I thought that I would include some tips on how I normally go about to organize a space.

  1. Take everything out of the space (or cupboard or drawer) and clean it out! You will feel so much better after!
  2. Organize your things into categories.
  3. Purge everything you don’t need or use!
  4. Start organizing and put everything into its place!

If you have more ideas and tips or tricks on how you organize your space please let me know. I would love to learn from you as well! I will be doing more organizing projects in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!

Until next time – Keep it Classy!!

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My Birthday 14+14 = 28

Get to know me a bit better in this blog post of 14 things that you didn't know about me and 14 things that I've learned in this past 28 years

This year I am turning 28, which is crazy to me. It feels like I’ve only started high school yesterday and now I am already done with school for 8 years already.

Like most bloggers, I thought I would write about what I’ve learned in this past 28 years but with a twist. I am going to write 14 things that u might not know about me and 14 things that I’ve learned in this past 28 years. Which is going to be challenging for me to say the least because I already covered most things on my ‘about me’ page.

Let’s start with the 14 things I’ve learned this past 28 years.

  1. First and foremost the biggest lesson that I’ve learned this past 28 years, is that not everything is going to go as you’ve planned it and you cannot control everything. And that’s okay.
  2. I am still trying to figure everything out, who I am and who I want to be, I guess this will change as the season in my life changes. For now, I am a work from home girl, married to my best friend.
  3. Everything has a time and a place. It may not be my time but it is sure God’s time.
  4. Learn from your own mistakes and those from others. Sometimes it is so valuable to listen to other’s stories and learn from it.
  5. When you cannot figure out a difficult task or situation, get up take a deep breath and make some coffee. Then go back to it – coffee really change your perspective
  6. Your mother really knows best!
  7. The experts are totally right, exercise really does put you in a better mood
  8. Do it now, even if you don’t feel like it – you will thank yourself later.
  9. You cannot expect anything from anyone, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and resentment.
  10. Do you want to be right or do you want the relationship?
  11. Sometimes things are really simple – don’t overcomplicate it.
  12. You are worthy and there is nothing wrong in taking care of yourself first before taking care of others – I am still struggling with this.
  13. Make the time to do those things you want to do, otherwise, you will never get the chance or time.
  14. Asking (or hiring) for help will make your life so much easier. Don’t try to do ‘all the things’!

Wow, when I started going with this, it was much easier than I thought! Okay next…

Get to know me a bit better in this blog post of 14 things that you didn't know about me and 14 things that I've learned in this past 28 years

14 things you don’t know about me

  1. I really love computer games. I played The Sims from the beginning up until now that I am playing The Sims 4. Assassins Creed is also a game I love. I play it once in a while on my husband’s Play Station, and I just started playing Fortnite… Can you believe it
  2. My dream car must be a BMW. Even though I am driving a Hyundai Getz at the moment that I totally love, I will someday, when I grow up, buy my BMW.
  3. If I have to choose only one beauty product that I can use for the rest of my life it will have to be a foundation.
  4. This is something that I just recently learned of myself too, I actually enjoy a bit of exercise. I’ve started to do home workouts on an app on my phone every morning, and I am totally excited to do it.
  5. I enjoy sewing and I recently made my own roman blind for the kitchen.
  6. I wouldn’t call myself a neat freak, but I am definitely a tidy person. My immediate surroundings do affect my mood if it is not all that tidy.
  7. Even though I have a B.Tech degree in Architectural Technology, I’ve found myself really more drawn to interiors. I am really considering taking a course in interior design.
  8. I am constantly trying to find ways to make my day to day life easier and do things with the least amount of effort. Some people will call it lazy, I call it efficient. Nobody’s got time to stand around washing dishes all day! #dishwasher #lifesaver
  9. I love to entertain friends and family at our home.
  10. If I can brag a little, I am a totally awesome gift giver! I love listening to people and making little mental notes of things they would like to get. But I must admit, there are a few persons in my life that I struggle to buy presents for!
  11. I am such a procrastinator! But it comes in two categories: 1) I get stuck in planning mode and never move forward. 2) I just keep putting something off that I should be doing. But then when I finished it I realized point #8 on the things that I’ve learned list!
  12. I am a dreamer, but I grew up a little. I must admit when I was younger, I was living life more in my head than in real life sometimes. But life happens and I grew up a little, and maybe I became a bit pessimistic. But lately, I am choosing to see the positive.
  13. I am such a type-C person – I analyze everything and everyone, I am a true introvert, and I am so task oriented!
  14. I love the mountains more than I love the ocean. Don’t get me wrong, the ocean is beautiful and there is something about an awesome ocean holiday. But sometimes the crashing of the waves makes me more anxious than calm. So if I could sit in the forest near a mountain with a lovely stream and a few chirping birds I would be in my element!

Phew!!! That was a mouthful! If you stayed to the end you deserve a good cup of coffee!! Thanks for reading to the end and getting to know me a bit more.

Leave me a comment of what you’ve learned in your ‘x’ amount of years here on earth! Would love to read it.

Till next time – Keep it classy!

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Valentine’s day gift guide – 2019

Well, it is already February and I haven’t done much on the blog. But what better way to start again is with the month of love and with Valentine’s day gift guide!

Valentine’s day for me isn’t about spending a lot of money on gifts, but rather celebrating what it means with the one you love. But if you have to buy something, here is a few ideas all under R300.

(Disclaimer: all of these products are from Woolworths, but this post is not sponsored. I just love Woolworths products)

For Her:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

You just cannot go wrong with flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, or any other day for that matter. But maybe you do it differently this year and actually give her flowers that last longer than a week. Orchids are such a special flower and will brighten up any room in the house and also her mood!

Most women appreciate a cute bag and why not spoil her with a new makeup bag. A makeup bag is one of those things that are versatile enough to be used for other things as well, and you are more likely to win this round on Valentine’s Day than buying her a handbag she might not like.

If she is into fitness, why not help her fitness wardrobe out with a cute new cap. I would even take it a step further and wear it out on the town on a sunny day.

Is she a coffee or tea lover? Then you cannot go wrong with this mug set. And a bonus – it is dishwasher safe, so she doesn’t even have to do the dishes this special day when it is obviously meant for pampering!

Satin is such a luxurious fabric, so treat her with a cute nightie. And better yet this one comes in a set of two! Make it extra special by getting her size right the first time!

For Him:

I don’t know why it is so difficult to buy things for men. I always struggle to find something that is different than just socks and clothes. But if you think about it, if you give it to your man, he will use it sooner or later. But let’s get into these 5 gifts under R300 for your Valentine.

Valentines gift guide for him 2019
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

I think biltong is to men like chocolates are to women. So why not treat him with his favorite biltong snack and or maybe his favorite alcoholic beverage?

Talking about his favorite alcoholic beverage, maybe you can surprise him with this nice Carafe set to display his favorite brandy or whiskey in? Also a very nice touch to his man cave!

If he is in the corporate world, a nice leather belt will do wonders to elevate his suit or work outfit. Or maybe he is a more casual guy, this belt will even work with his casual shorts that he is strutting around the braai!

Or what about a nice leather wallet if his’ is starting to look dated.

Something totally different is to get him a weekender bag. Maybe to hint on a special Valentine’s weekend away, or to plant the seed that he should treat you on a special weekend away.

Well, that is it for my Valentine’s gift guide, I hope you found it insightful or gave you an idea. I know it is a bit different than the normal guides, but it is nice to get something different once in a while! Have a blessed Valentine’s Day filled with love.

And as always … Keep it classy!

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2018 so far… self-love journey

2018 is closing very fast (I mean it is October already!) and I thought I would share with you how my ‘self-love journey’ so far. This is going to be another rambling post on what is currently going on in my life, so grab a coffee and let’s get to it!

2018 so far and my self-love journey

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So as I mentioned in a previous post, my word for 2018 is self-love and I also shared that I wanted to do things that I love to do more. But, It only feels that I am starting to do the things that I wanted to do all year now! I know right, at the end of the year!!!

So here is the list of things that I wanted to do in 2018:

Make my quiet time a priority. 

‘Loving my body’

Doing things that I love

So the results…

Make my quiet time a priority:

I am still struggling to get into a healthy habit for my quiet time. Being married and finding a new routine is harder than I thought. We have been married for 4, almost 5, months and I still don’t have a routine that I love. But I strive to do my quiet time every morning.

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‘Loving my body’

I started to do more exercise in June. I subscribed to Studio Tone It Up, which is a fitness app that is developed by the awesome girls of Tone It Up. The app allows you to schedule your workouts for the week and gives you a notification before the workout. This has really helped to keep me accountable. I love the difference I can see in my lower body since I started. I didn’t lose any weight, cause I haven’t changed anything drastic in my diet. They are currently running the 31 Day Challenge (which I am doing in the app), so feel free to check it out.

I opened another Instagram accountability account to help me stay on track with my workouts.

I was hoping to up my skincare routine a bit more than I have achieved so far. But at the moment this is how my skincare routine looks: Every morning and evening I wash my face with this facial cleanser, then I use a toner from Avroy Shlain that I ordered from my mom. Lastly, I moisturize my face every day with this day cream and this night cream from African Extracts.

I have normal to dehydrated skin most of the time, so I love how the African Extracts classic range are so creamy and moisturizing. I also use the Garnier Micellar in Oil to get rid of leftover makeup and it also hydrates my skin. Once a week I try to incorporate a skin scrub or a mask. I ran out of a serum a while ago and I haven’t purchased a new one yet. Another product that I want to get is an eye cream. My under eye area are very dry at the moment and my fine lines and wrinkles quite deep, so need to give the area a bit more attention.

Doing things that I love

Reading is still on the list, but haven’t got any more attention other than being on the list. 

I love to bake, so I have been baking some bread at home when we ran out. Then there is the occasional pudding or cake here and there.

I want to branch out my interest so that I can find new things that I love. I have researched a few hobbies that I am willing to try but will let you know when anything takes off. 😉

Thanks for sticking to the end! Have a great day and join me next time for another cup of coffee!

Keep it Classy! 😉

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The Clueless Girl’s Guide to Makeup Expiration dates

I think most women are guilty of wearing their makeup past the expiration dates. I must confess, I am one of those women. So it got me thinking, why do women use makeup past their expiration dates. And on the top of my head, I made a list why I think that they do…

Make sure when your makeup reach their expiration date. #makeup #makeupexpire #expirationdate

Firstly, they don’t know when the makeup expiration date is or how long they should be using it.

Secondly, they don’t know how long they had the product. “Did I buy this last month or last year?” (I know it is an extreme example, but I am trying to make a point…)

Thirdly, they don’t wear makeup that often, so they don’t mind that the product is a bit older, as long as it still works.

Fourthly, they don’t have the money to spend on something new, so they keep using what they have.

And lastly, a sentimental reason for holding on to certain products.

(If you can think of  other reasons that women don’t toss their makeup and still use it, let me know!)

A few years ago, I constantly struggled with eye allergies and infections. When I saw the optometrist, she recommended that I threw away my mascaras and sanitize my eyeshadows. Because the makeup may be harboring the bacteria of the infection, and applying the products I am infecting myself over and over again. After a while, I realized it was not my makeup that was irritating my eyes. I was allergic to the environment that I was living in. But that is a story for another day…

But I think it is really important to be mindful of when your products expire. When you keep products for too long, there is a change that they start harboring bacteria. This can be very harmful when you apply it to your skin and your eyes. (Side note, It is also important to wash your makeup brushes regularly and also that beauty sponge)

So how long should I keep my products?

When unopened, products can last a very long time. According to this article of Instyle, makeup can last 1 – 2 years and other body and hair products 2-3 years.

Make sure when your makeup reach their expiration date. #makeup #makeupexpire #expirationdate

Most products will have a little symbol on the label that shows you how long you can keep it. For example, mascara will have a symbol with a ‘6m’ – meaning 6 months. This is really helpful for when you are decluttering your makeup, but it will only really help if you know how long you have been using the product.

But back to the makeup expiration dates. These are just a rule of thumb and if you are not sure if you should keep a product.

Foundations: 6 months to 2 years

Blush, eyeshadow, bronzer and other powder cosmetics: 1-2 years

Mascara: 3-6 months

Eyeliner: 6 months – 1 year

Lipstick: 2 years

Also, if you notice that the product is not performing the way it usually does, rather get rid of it than trying to make it work.  If you take care of your products and don’t store it in direct sunlight, but rather in a cool dry place, you are already extending the product’s shelf life!

There are many wonderful articles on the web on makeup expiration dates. So make sure to educate yourself and save your skin from a future breakout!

‘Till next time…

Keep it classy…

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Blog Topics, Narrowing It Down

After I created my ideal reader, it helped me soo much in narrowing down my blog topics. So today I thought I would share what the topics would be. After reading this post I hope you will click away knowing what I love and how I will be able to help you in a certain way.

I've narrowed down my blog topics! Find out what my three blog topics will be, #creatingcontent #content #blogging # niche #findingyourniche #posts

Three Blog Topics

I decided that I would focus on three main topics. This includes Beauty; Homemaking and Organizing. These topics occupy my thoughts on a daily basis. And I hope to find a way to enrich my own life by writing about it here on the blog.

As of late, I would like to think that I am on a journey of making the spaces around me better. And ultimately, making my life easier and more beautiful in the process.


Disclaimer alert! I am not a beauty expert and I have no background in beauty. I just love it!  So I would like to share the products that I love to use and what I’ve found works for me.

So you can expect reviews on products (both skin care and makeup), beauty routines, makeup that I love to wear. I am not sure if I would make tutorials, but ‘never say never!’ And maybe a smidge of fashion…


I think homemaking means different things to different people. But for me, ultimately, it means creating a beautiful space within walls where everyone is happy and calm. Now getting to that calm and happy space can be quite challenging. Especially if you are living with a spouse that doesn’t have the same temperament as you. Or maybe you face different challenges that I am not even aware of. But I digress…

In this category, you will find how I am decorating our home and finding ways that work for met in new routines. Thus, how I run our home on a daily basis!


This category will sometimes overlap with the Homemaking category. But the Organizing category will most likely be where you find things like organizing under the kitchen sink or organizing the pantry. In a nutshell… various organizing projects around the home.

I would love to hear what you think about these categories, and if you have any suggestions for blog posts, please leave me a comment!

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My Ideal Reader

When I read posts on how to create content for your blog, most of the bloggers suggest creating your ideal reader to help you pump out content. And that got me thinking, how does my ideal reader look like?Creating a fictional reader for your blog to help you create content. Let me introduce you to my ideal reader. #blogging #creatingcontent

I must admit, the thought of creating an imaginative person who would like to read my posts, intimated me. Where do I begin? How old is she or he? What are her or his hobbies? If I created this ‘person’, would they really stick around to read my blog? So I left the whole idea of ‘the ideal reader’.

But one day, when I thought about what content I can create, ‘the ideal reader’ idea popped up again. Suddenly it dawned on me… the person who would find my content interesting would probably have the same interests as me! Someone who I would love to hang out with at a coffee bar and chat about all-the-things!!

My ideal reader…

So, let me introduce you to Viccy. She is a romantic at heart and love to hang out in her favourite coffee shop with a friend. Viccy has impeccable personal style and loves a well-organized home. Her interests include everything that a classy lady would love. For example, beauty, fashion, self-care, entertaining her friends, homemaking and decorating. And don’t forget about baking!

She just got married to the love of her life and is in the transitioning stage of living on her own to now living with her husband. She is learning what it means to be a wife and has started to change their house into a home.  A more healthy lifestyle has become more important to her recently, and she wants to incorporate it into both her and her husband’s life and their home.

Things she is frustrated with at the moment include: finding new routines for cleaning, cooking, the ever-expanding laundry pile, keeping up with her husband and still find time to do the things she loves! Above all, hubby doesn’t agree with her decor decisions, which he never had a problem with?!

Oh, and did I mention that she loves coffee?

Finally, I must say, creating Viccy helped tremendously! If you are a blogger, I would love to hear from you! Did you also create an ‘ideal reader’? Did it help you with creating content?

If you want to know why I started a blog, you can read this post!

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